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Terms & Conditions: All sales are executed through our credit card processing company PayPal, a recognized and trusted processor. In  our experience. PayPal is a very secure service with an excellent track record. We have used these services for two decades for both buying and selling, and have found them very dependable. You need not have a PayPal account in order to purchase through our websites, but having one makes it easier. Upon “checkout” procedure, you will reach a screen requesting your User Name and Password. On the same screen there is a link stating you do not have or wish to use a PayPal account. Clicking that link will allow you to use a standard Credit or Debit Card for your transaction. If you DO have a PayPal account, you may certainly use it. We do not accept Company Checks or Cash payments. Any transactions which cannot be handled via the internet can be processed by US Postal Service Money Order (or W.U.M.O. etc.)  for the full amount of the transaction including shipping and handling. We DO NOT ship C-O-D. We DO NOT accept returned merchandise unless accompanied by an Authorization Number issued by our office in advance. Call 760-345-4347 or e-mail us at Fred@TaxiSource.com to apply for such an authorization. All equipment is new, original factory issue, unless specifically listed as “used” or “rebuilt” on our website and on your receipt. These are rare. All sales are final. Some manufacturers, including taximeters, offer a one year (or occasionally greater) warranty, and we will assist you in executing these in the rare event they are required. We strive to deal with top manufacturers, reliable and dependable for excellent quality. All electronic equipment is, by its very nature, subject to failure or degradation. No warranty or guarantee of suitability for your purposes is expressed or implied. All plastics are subject to aging, and in extreme cases can become brittle and fragile. We will use our experience, trade information sources and better judgement in order to make your tasks with this equipment as painless and successful as possible. Instruction packages supplied by our firm are built with years of experience and professional reference, and are intended to assist you or your agents to install, calibrate, mount, wire and connect, program, calibrate and qualify for normal inspection of your units. Advice and directions provided are for your information, but ALL work and wiring involved is ultimately at your own risk. You are welcome to contact us with questions at any normal business time. Thank you for choosing Fred Stock Electronics.

Here is the dreaded “small print”. Disclaimer:  Fred Stock Electronics, TaxiCabElectronics.com, TaxiSource.com, affiliate firms, websites, facilities and individual participants (we) hereby notify all users of our instruction packages (you) that we cannot be held responsible for damage of any kind to automobiles, vehicles, devices or materials as a result of any instructions or products. We have extensive experience using these methods and equipment, and have tested the methods we suggest in these instruction packages. The content of these packages represent our experiences, relayed to you as clearly and simply as possible. They are intended solely as a method guide to be followed at your own risk. Fred Stock Electronics hereby disclaims all responsibility for your work, connection or modification of your vehicles. These instructions are intended to allow you to make reasonable decisions, take reasonable action and provide yourself with reasonable prevention of possible hazards as a result of your work. You are hereby notified that wiring can deteriorate, chafe, break or otherwise malfunction. You are hereby notified that all electronic devices, machines, modules and similar equipment are by their very nature subject to failure and reasonable caution must be applied to prevent dangerous or hazardous conditions from developing. This includes but is not limited to the use of fuses, circuit breakers, insulators such as grommets and split loom tubing, securing devices such as “tye-wraps” and electrical tape. In any decision, we advise you err on the side of caution and provide maximum protection for your wiring, devices and vehicles. You are free to call and discuss any concerns with us in advance of making any connections, changes or modifications in the course of your installation (Our telephone 760-345-4347). All work will ultimately be at your own risk. Some vehicle manufacturers may void their warranties when additional equipment is connected to their products. Check with your vehicle source or brand manufacturer. If they state you will void your warranty, we recommend you use a different brand and model. Millions of vehicles have been outfitted as taxicabs and related service vehicles. Reasonable care was evidently exercised. Our primary advice at all junctures is this; Be careful, thoughtful, well planned and deliberately over-cautious in all cases. We further do not warrant the suitability of any product or service to your specific needs or desires. All sales of equipment are final. We make exceptional effort to assure your needs are met and your aspirations achieved, but we do not guarantee, warrant, promise or otherwise intend to assure you that such purchases and actions will bring you to complete satisfaction. Our services and products are offered for your use and application entirely at your own risk. We want you to return to our services in the future and we approach our business dealings with that in mind. Instruction Packages are customized for your particular installation and are therefore not returnable or refundable. Returned merchandise must be pre-authorized (See above and call for details) , and will be restocked if in unused condition, at 20% restocking fee at our sole option. Your confidence and your business is appreciated.

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