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#100059   Pulse Dividers handle the distance-pulse-signal generated by your vehicle,  adjusting the frequency, wave shape and impedance to match your taximeter to the car. The device, known as a Divider, Sendiv, Wizard, Pulse Tracker, can be used to “sniff out” a weak signal, such as those in modern hybrid vehicles or electrics like Nissan Leaf. It can be used to divide very high pulse counts as found in vehicles like the late model Dodge Caravan. The divider can also buffer the meter from the car, avoiding electrical loading of the car’s circuitry.  One of these devices IS included with any new Pulsar 2030 or 2030R meter. The device is NOT shipped with Centrodyne products, but can be ordered here and used with Centrodyne meters as well as any other taximeter we sell.

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