Transducer – Econ


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#180557  Transducer – Econ    This high quality transducer provides an electrical pulse signal from a vehicle which has none originally. You attach this device to the side of the transmission where the speedometer cable was attached, then connect the speedometer cable to the fitting on the side of the transducer. It is made to fit all GM mechanical speedometer schemes, including GMC, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile. It also fits the Checker Marathon family of vehicles, and with proper adapters furnished, the Ford cable driven systems. If you have seen the prices for transducers go from 25.00 a couple of decades ago to nearly ten times that now, you’ll be happy when we tell you this is a $70.00 item, plus a small shipping amount. It is made by a reputable company with an excellent track record, in the USA. 


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