FTC11 Toplight, 21″ wide, Standard of the Industry


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#100005   FTC11 Toplight  The width is 21″ and the height is 5-1/2 “. The footprint is 6-1/2 front to back at the widest part. This is the basic default toplight one most likely sees on a taxicab in the movies! We often sell them to the movie studios.  It is often standard issue for the majority of taxi cab companies in the USA.  Lots of colors, lots of lettering colors too!  You can order it with bulbs or LED’s, screwed down tight to your cab, or magnetic base. See “Options”.

 Magnetic base toplights are made with sturdy 3″ diameter magnets, but any magnetic toplight can be blown off your vehicle in substantial winds. Tell your drivers to remove the light in a gale!

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This is our most popular toplight, universally recognized as a taxicab sign!

This light is nearly flat and straight on the front, slanted more on the back. It can be used either way on your taxi!

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Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 21 × 6 × 5 cm


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