Relay for Control of Toplight


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#100072 Control Relay for Taxi Toplight, or general automotive functions: Your Taxi meter has a wire which can control this relay. The relay will then turn your toplight on or off as required by your company or regulatory agency. This includes Centyrodyne and iElectron Taximeters.

NOTE: This relay is NOT required if you are buying a PULSAR brand meter, which furnishes the pulse divider and control relay in the box with your meter free of charge. Old ARGO meters have an internal relay, and REI meters have built-in toplight control relays as well.

This relay is also the exact replacement for the majority of distribution panel relays in Chrysler Vans such as Town & Country and Dodge Caravan. In some cases you may need to remove the little handle at the top to fit them under the plastic cover of the distribution panel, but this is easily accomplished. The same relay can be used to control other equipment such as fog lamps and signal-lights on emergency vehicles.

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