Lesson: Preventing Noise Falsing In Pulse Circuits


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#100123   Preventing Noise Falsing In Pulse Circuits: Your car uses a set of devices which require information on the distance and speed at which you travel. Cruise control, shifting computer, speedometer, odometer, sometimes even the music radio wants to know so it can turn down a bit at the corner, and up a shade when the ambient noise increases.The car generally make a set of pulses which relay this information. It can be corrupted by electrical noise in various devices in the engine and its accessories like smog pumps and such. This noise can be interpreted by your meter as distance signals, throwing off your careful calibration. This lesson contains a set of ideas and tests for false pulse signals in your taxi installation. Solutions and improvements are included. Also read our lesson on how pulses work and how they are formatted.  These lessons are a free service of Fred Stock Electronics, www.TaxiCabElectronics.com and www.TaxiSource.com. When you order it, you can download it immediately… FREE!


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