OBDII Pulse Generator Z059 USED


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654444  USED Z059 OBDII PULSE GENERATOR;   About 2009-2010 the automobile manufacturers made changes to their computer-sensor systems which caused our Taxi industry problems; When you connected your meter in the traditional manner, it would work properly at in-town speeds, but when you hit the freeway – 50-60-70 miles per hour perhaps (or in Texas, 85!) the pulses generated by the car’s Vehicle Speed Sensor became smaller and weaker, eventually so low the meters could not detect them; so you must have stopped, so they quit registering distance! (NO FARE $$!) The industry responded with the OBDII-computer-reading devices which generate usable pulses at all speeds. The Z059 from Centrodyne was the most commonly used. Our client’s fleet used these but their new system does not need them. We now have these devices USED  at a very reasonable cost. These have been tested by my shop and work properly. They are definitely USED and sold “as-is” but they operate properly. They plug into the OBDII Test Jack under your dash, gather info from the ECM system, and create a usable consistent pulse. 


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