iElectron MT-10 Taxi Meter with Built In Pulse Divider.


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  MT-10 Taxi Meter

#100153  smallest taximeter, biggest display, built-in pulse divider! NOW REDUCED PRICE!!

This meter has a built-in pulse divider for use in late model vehicles. No external pulse dividing device is required. The internal divider is set by electronic programming, not clumsy mechanical jumpers. 

We recommend an optional OBDII Decoder device for vehicles newer than 2009. This device reads the car’s computer data and generates a proper speed/distance pulse for any meter. Newer vehicles often have a speed-pulse condition which makes the car’s native signal unusable at high speeds for our purposes. The OBDII device plugs into the vehicle text jack (On Board Diagnostics generation II) and makes installation a simple and dependable task. There are two types, both of which work well. The higher priced one has two wires to connect, the economy version has four. Either way, your pulse will be dependable under all reasonable driving conditions.

MT-10 meter provides a switched ground output for connection to a relay for control of your toplight. This means your “TAXI” sign on the roof can go ON or OFF as required when you punch the HIRED button.  The optional relay is also available above. 

MT-10    A new taximeter which asserts to be the world’s smallest! It is made in Canada with an amazingly readable LCD display; it sports a blue-white background with black numbers – exceptionally easy to see (even by old folk with less than perfect vision, like this technical writer!!) It is easy to use, and takes very little dashboard space. iElectron has introduced the MT-10 meter, an attractive, trouble free, up to date meter. It meets or exceeds all expectations for a four rate capable meter, and carries a full TWO YEAR factory warranty, twice that offered by most other meters. This meter has the smallest shell, and the LARGEST display available today. It’s 20% larger! It consumes about 1/5 the power of other current meters. This is the meter for operators who want fully compliant metering, with modern digital-age appearance. 

The MT-10  has a unique built-in voltage meter, which aids in troubleshooting installation, as well as later service situations.

The meter without the included bracket mount measures 4-1/8″ wide (105mm), 1-7/8″ tall (48mm) and only 11/16″ front-to-back (23mm)! Add the included base and cable kit and the vertical dimension becomes a mere 2-3/8″ (62mm)! The VSS distance signal sensitivity is 0.5 volt peak value, which matches most vehicles. The meter weighs 2.8 ounces – add the included steel bracket mount for 6.4 ounces total!  It provides 7 statistical totals used by most cab companies for record keeping: they include the last fare taken, last extras amount, daily gross dollars recorded, trip total, units (used in some municipalities), total number of extras collected, and total paid miles driven (hired). It meets or exceeds NIST standards in the USA, and  Approved for sale and use in the United States and Canadian Cities.  CoC# 15-051,  it is now available in the U.S.A. and Canada, and everywhere else as well! This meter easily interfaces with M/K TaxiLinQ and similar MDT-type devices. There is NO printer available at this time for this meter.

Free programming! Provide us with the rates you will charge, and we will pre-program them into your meter before we ship it to you, at no charge!


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