Lesson: Marketing In The Taxi Industry


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#100092   Marketing In The Taxi Industry – tips and proven methods for getting your taxi service into the public eye, and creating nitch markets for your company.

We had a lengthy conversation with a client the other day and made some notes as we went along. It was certainly not the first!  It all had to do with making MONEY in the taxicab business. Looking at the scribbles later on, I decided to do this project to share some of these ideas with our many friends working daily in the industry. Some of these ideas will not be new to you, others may. If you can derive some good from them, our goal will have been met. Of course, if you are successful  in marketing your services, the rest of the story is to deliver quality; clean cab, pleasant smile, safe operation, fair prices. That goes without saying. This lesson is meant to help you establish your place locally, and maybe add a few sheckles to your income as a result.

This lesson is a free service of Fred Stock Electronics, www.TaxiCabElectronics.com and www.TaxiSource.com.   When you order it, you can download it immediately… FREE!


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