Lesson: Starting A Meter Installation Shop


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#100087  Starting A Meter Installation Shop: a discussion of considerations for setting up a business as a taximeter installation shop with certification capabilities. It addresses legal, physical, technical and political thoughts. We discuss what you MUST have, what to put off until you get on your feet. We explore licenses and registrations required in most areas. Many shops that certify and install taxi meters also install two way radio,  cameras, CB’s, GPS systems, and alarm equipment. We go over common supplies for these shops, and the types of test equipment you will want at the outset of the service.We also talk over what you DON’T need to get started. We list things we make available on our websites, We provide a schedule of articles we make available for the technician and for the operators of Taxi Businesses, meant to inform and educate you on the complex business in which we find ourselves. There is a list of tools we consider essential, and  sources for your on-line ordering of these. There is also a list of supply part numbers with Tessco Co. SKU’s which will make ordering and outfitting your shop much simpler. There is a small charge for this extensive lesson element.


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