Harness Kit Centrodyne 610 or 620 Meter


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#100075  Harness Kit for Centrodyne 610 or 620 Meter.  These harnesses as originally configured, are no longer available. The Manufacturer has no announced plans to produce more. The discontinued meters have been replaced by the current S700 series. There is a substitute bracket which is the same bracket and plug, but comes “fully loaded” with cables for  external devices. These cables are stockpiled at the manufacturer, and “should be available for a while.” You can order these cables, and simply clip off the un-needed cables. Easily done at rear of harness where cables are nested. The hook of course, is that these are more expensive. The current price of $87.00 USD may be included in an upcoming manufacturer’s price increase around June or July 2021.  Our website will reflect these changes when they begin to affect our costs. 

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