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#100038   FSD38 Extra Large Toplight: 38″ wide, 11.25″ tall, and 9.5″ front-to-back. Internally lighted with wiring and lightbar. This large sign was originally designed for driving school vehicles, but is now in use on many cabs, small business vehicles, and small trucks. This toplight wants to grow up to be an ad carrier, and can be used that way now! ALL our  toplights are manufactured when your order is received so your choices can be included. You must allow production time of up to two weeks plus shipping time to your location. If we can produce them faster, we always do. Thank you for your patronage.

NOTE 1: We can make this light with a magnetic base, but WE RECOMMEND AGAINST IT because of the danger of wind blowing it off the vehicle. ANY magnetic topsign can be blown off a vehicle. The greater the face area of the sign, the greater the factors which can dislodge it. This sign has an inordinate amount of face area. For many magnetic models a plastic floor is added to make the sign less likely to be grabbed by wind blowing up under it. We CAN also make this light with LED’s but because it is so large, it may have un-even distribution of the light at night. We cannot guarantee satisfaction when these options are chosen. This light cannot be returned if these options have been chosen, (per the manufacturer.)  

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Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 38 × 9.5 × 11.25 cm


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