Free Taxi Cab Trip Log Form


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#100108  Free Taxi Cab Trip Log Form for daily use in your taxi. This free form records vital information for bookkeeping, unit use records, police information in case of hold-up etc. There is no fee or charge for this service. Please use it with our blessing. Another service of Fred Stock Electronics.

We had first-hand experience with this form:  the police department in a neighboring city contacted us. A cab driver had been held up at three in the morning, and shot and killed for $83.00. The driver was a young dad with a wife and a couple of kids depending upon him for their living. The officers knew I was the “expert” on taxi meters here-abouts (really?), and asked me to interpret the data recorded in the meter statistics. I did so, but that was a limited amount of information. But there on the passenger seat was a clip board with my trip-log form, meticulously filled out by the driver, now deceased. He had carefully documented his entire night, locations, times, numbers and names, all there to see if you knew what you were seeing. I broke it down for the cops. Come to find out later they had compared the schedule the lad had logged with the information from the local gang task force. They matched enough information that they found the criminals, who were arrested, tried, convicted, canned for the rest of their lives… for half of $83.00.  Use the form… it’s free! (Oh, the officers took up a collection for the family! So did his fellow drivers.)


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