• Pulsar 2030 Taximeter, with free Pulse Divider and Control Relay

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#100013  The Pulsar 2030 features a bright display, simple operation. The P2030 meter, interfaced with automobile  electronics via a "Sendiv Pulse Tracker" that allows dividing functions without opening the meter shell.  It makes the vehicle's information source  and the meter talk to each other properly. & IT IS PACKED IN THE CARTON WITH THE METER & WIRING HARNESS, No Extra Charge.  We also offer installation instruction packages for a small additional fee, which enable you to do the entire installation yourself, properly!  The meter is 6.4" (16.2 cm) x 2.35" (5.97 cm) x 1.45" (3.68 cm) and weighs .95 lb. (.43 Kg). The harness includes a toplight control relay which can switch on or off your toplight sign when the meter is hired or shut off.

To enter rates, give us the amount of Flag Drop (turn-on fee) followed by a comma, then Charge Per Mile, comma, fraction of a mile  used for metering your mile (like 1/10th or 1/8th) This fraction will  devide into the mile amount (For Instance, a $2.00 mile can be divided into eighths, [tenths, 1/4, 1/2 etc.] The meter divides the $2.00 into eights or whatever fraction, and charges 25-cents, because 8 x .25 - $2.00). then type a comma, The charge per hour or per minute wait time fee, comma, and finally the amount used for extra charges, like extra passengers or toll bridge fees, etc. Do this for EACH rate you require, and we will preprogram your meter before shipment. You may call us for help if necessary; 760-345-4347.  If you are a qualified meter-program person, just type "generic" in the first rate box, and we won't program it before shipment.

If you choose to purchase installation instructions, we will write your exact job directions, and attach them as a PDF file to an e-mail, normally  within two days of your order. These are custom written for your exact project, so they are not automatically downloadable from this website..

If you plan to use a Mobile Data Terminal with your installation, or  such equipment as rear seat card swipes for your clients, we can provide a Bluetooth module which can communicate with that device. Be sure to tell us what brand and model equipment you are using so we can get the computer communications protocol right for you. In the Pulsar 2030, the Bluetooth module is attached on a short cable with an external module. (Built-In modules are no longer offered on the basic model.)

If you require a RECEIPT PRINTER, please click here:  http://www.taxisource.us/index.php?route=product/product&path=60&product_id=50

Pulsar 2030 Taximeter, with free Pulse Divider and Control Relay

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