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#100001    The Centrodyne S700 Taximeter has been re-designed from the base up. It can be programmed with up to 16 fare rates, and generically contains all basic firmware required for external equipment such as MDTs and Credit Card Processing devices It is shipped with active mounting base and cable kit. By using our custom written installation instructions (for an additional fee) you will be able to install this meter properly into your vehicle, calibrate it correctly, and be ready for official inspection.

Details for buying an S700 Taxi Meter:

To enter rates, give us the amount of Flag Drop (turn-on fee) followed by a comma, then Charge Per Mile, comma, fraction of a mile  used for metering your mile (like 1/10th or 1/8th) This fraction will divide into the mile amount (For Instance, a $2.00 mile can be divided into eighths, [tenths, 1/4, 1/2 etc.] The meter divides the $2.00 into eights or whatever fraction, and charges 25-cents, because 8 x .25 - $2.00). then type a comma, The charge per hour wait time fee, comma, and finally the amount used for extra charges, like extra passengers or toll bridge fees, etc. Do this for EACH rate you require, and we will preprogram your meter before shipment. You may call us for help if necessary; 760-345-4347.  If you are a qualified meter-program person, just type "generic" in the first rate box, and we won't program it before shipment.

In the box marked "Up to 16 Rates" please type in the following information for your first four rates in this format:  

"Rt 1, Dr 3.00, Mi 2.50=25c/10, Wait 30.00, Ex 0"

 This means The Turn-On fee is three dollars, The per mile rate is  two and one half, which will accumulate in 25 cent bites, every tenth of a mile. The waiting time is 30.00 dollars per hour which will also accumulate in 25-cent segments, and there will be NO extras. If you want 1.50 extras, type that there instead of 0. 

The website system will not accept more than 4 (max 200 characters), so if you have more than four rates, please e-mail us with the details - Fred@TaxiSource.com.  The Centrodyne meter can handle up to 16 different rates: if you need more than 4 call us (760) 345-43476 or better, e-mail us at fred@taxiscource.com

Note: ALL meters require calibration after every installation. This relates the particular car and the meter.

Since the S700 Meter has capacity for very high pulse counts (up to about 125,000 pulses in a mile!), it is rare that a pulse divider is needed with this meter. When asked if a "Pulse Divider" is needed (at additional cost,), under normal circumstances you'll want to answer NO. If you intend to control your toplight with the HIRED button, (off when occupied, on when emptry, etc.) you WILL need the additional "relay". Answer YES.  The new "bluetooth" system can be purchased later (call us) or it can be built into a new meter. We will ask you to say yes or no to a built-in bluetooth system. This will allow several operations which require access to the meter data. Some are available now, some are still in development.

If you choose to purchase installation instructions, we will write your exact job directions, and attach them as a PDF file to an e-mail, normally  within two days of your order. These are custom written for your exact project, so they are not automatically downloadable from this website. You will get them as an e-mail attachment with our paid receipt.You can expect an automatic receipt for payment from PayPal almost immediately, and our "Paid Invoice" will come when the factory orders etc are in process. Your instructions come with THAT invoice from Fred Stock Electronics, by e-mail.Thank You!

If you require a Receipt Printer, please click here: Receipt Printer   

Centrodyne S700 Taximeter - Up To 16 Individual Rates. Low Profile.

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