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#100188  Transducer The predecessor of the vehicle speed sensor was the electro-mechanical transducer. This device generally is mounted in-line in the vehicle mechanical speedometer cable. It can be located behind the instrument cluster, in-line in the cable itself rigged with proper fittings, or most usually, it is located at the transmission. You un-screw the existing speedo cable from the tranny, screw the transducer into the same threaded fitting, and screw the speedo cable to the mating fitting on the transducer. This device takes the rotary motion of the transmission output, creates an electrical pulse as it rotates, and allows the original speedometer cable to continue to do its job mechanically driving the odometer/speedometer. These devices are made several ways, but generally come in two sizes - two diameters of the fittings - either 5/8" - 18 TPI  or  7/8" - 18 TPI. We can custom make variations if necessary under this SKU number #100188.

The more common 7/8" variety is also available as a standard product on this website - See " Transducer - Econ. " with a considerably lower price.  The SKU number for that product is #180557.

These all would be driven by a square pin with positioning collar, which is placed into the center square-drive output of the transmission fitting. Then the transducer is attached. the other side of the transducer has a reverse gender fitting to accept the end of the original speedometer cable. Some vehicles will require an adaptor cable which will be vehicle specific... e-mail us the specifications of the antique vehicle you are outfitting, and we will try to get the cable information required.  Fred@TaxiSource.com

Transducer - for antique mechanical speedometer vehicles

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