#100151   FW15-210 LED  replacements for #89 and #67 light bulbs used in most of the toplights we sell. They contain 15 extra-bright LED's - Nine are positioned in the outward direction, and six are mounted around the edges giving an even light, equal to - or better than - the incandescent light bulbs they replace. The Beam Angle is 210 degrees, emitting light in a similar array as standard light bulbs. These will not cast "collar shadows" when viewed from the side. Bayonet base matches Light bulbs.

Light Emitting Diodes draw far less current for a similar amount of light bulbs.
LED's generally are slightly brighter than comparable incandescent light bulbs.
They are far more moisture resistant than standard glass light bulbs.
LED's have NO filaments to break from mechanical shock, and are rated at ten years + life expectancy.
Standard glass light bulbs such as the #89 olr #67 single circuit lamp used in most of our toplights have a "bayonet base" with two retention tabs evenly set at opposite sides of the base, and one electrical connection at the center of the base. The shell serves as the second connection. Our FW15-210LED-Bayonet is a direct replacement in our toplights.

FW15-210 LED Replaces #89 & #67 light bulbs.

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