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We get several calls every month asking for a "Regular Old Taxi Light", so we have picked our most popular standard shape and size, and designated it "regular old" (ROTL). This is 21" wide, 5-1/2" tall, and 6" front to back. It comes in several popular plastic colors, several basic lettering colors. It can be ordered with regular light bulbs, or LED's (they cost more but last longer - the LED manufacturer thinks they last forever... we'll see when "forever" is over!)  and you can even order it with magnets and cigarette plug instead of screwdown type. That makes it removable  when you need to be a civillian or take the cab through a brush-type car-wash. Generically it says "TAXI" on the front and back, but you can have whatever you want there... fill in the two rectangles with the exact "Lettering Text" you need...(e.g.:  Front is 'Tommy's Taxi'  and back is '987-654-3210') or write "blank" .You can order a relay with this light if you want to control it with your meter. DON'T get a relay if you are ordering a magnetic light - an incompatible type!   Oh, lettering is free. How cool is that?  

Regular Old Taxi Light

  • Brand: FStock
  • Product Code: ROTL toplight
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  • $63.00

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