750213 Clogwattle Blacksmythe Shoppe   When you traveled in the "old west" you had to be self contained. All your food, clothing, tools, seeds, repair materials or parts were with you or you did without them. You also transported your whole family and all your personal documents, treasure and religion. It meant you would rapidly become inventive, ingenious, and very patient. In settlements along the most popular routes westward, businesses sprung up to fill the needs of those who happened by and meant to restock, repair, relax. The Clogwattle family settled near a river where trade could occur, and along a trail that would bring pioneers and gold-rush dreamers to their door.  Eventually, the Pony Express would bring the mails!

Their business is made of wooden planks (coffee stir sticks mostly) and found materials such as spent bullet casings, bits of leaves and scraps of  natural materials. It's 19 inches across, nine inches high and 5 inches at the widest point. It will hang nicely on your wall beside our other western town buildings we are sure you already have!   (No? Well, explore here!!) ((Thanks!))  Each item we make is unique, signed and serialized.

Art: Clogwattle Blacksmythe Shoppe

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