750127  Snorter and Sniff Gambling Hall   Saw a photograph of a staircase outside an old crooked building in a ghost town somewhere. Decided to build it. When the stairway was finished, the second floor automatically evolved, then the lower. I just let the project wander where it wished, and the results are this piece. years ago when my spouse was writing a novel, she commented that characters would appear and play a roll in her story, without her knowledge of forethought!  Now I understand. The sign on the building says "Stray Children Will Be Sold". Needed a name, stopped for a moment to listen,  heard a family member breathing with a cold, thus the name.  I mounted the photograph that started it all, which will go with the piece should someone actually purchase it. Yah nevah know!  It's 10" wide, 8" front to back and 11" tall, and weighs all of 9 ounces. 

Art; Snorter and Sniff Gambling Hall

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