#750057  Bad Water Kansas Part 1  Bad Water Kansas does not exist... or at least if it does, it shouldn't! This 3-foot wide collection of buildings is one of two I made with a corner of a room in mind. Years ago we had an L-shaped corner of our living room where I painted a desert background of mountains and cactus on the sand dunes. Then I built a series of buildings somewhat similar to these, mounted them on the two walls. Had alot of fun doing these, and after they were later sold, we missed them. This, some 25 years later, is a similar effort for your place. There is a smaller second piece in the same scale listed as "Part 2".  This part is 36" x 9" x 2-1/4" (The other section is about half as wide.) I'll leave you to paint the background! [Oh! This is important; the SKU number above is palindromic!]

Art: Bad Water Kansas Part 1

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