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Panic Light Kit - Silent Flashing Trouble Signal Kit: Mount the rear light with the included bracket kit to the trunk lid, or drill and mount it directly to the trunk lid door. The front light is mounted on or inside the grill or breather vent. Included flexible metal bar can be fashioned to fit any grill situation.The large 3" diameter amber lights contain 9 extra bright LED's so they are visible day or night! LED's run cool, draw little current, are not fragile like light bulbs, last a VERY long time, and they are nearly water proof! They flash silently (no clicking flasher unit). They alert police or other drivers you are in trouble. The electronic strobe circuit is built into the light module itself, and it makes NO SOUND! The "bad guys" in your cab will never know you are signalling!! Your choice of toggle style mini-switch or rectangular sliding switch which is totally silent (as required in NYC). Works with the optional step-on switches below too! Your driver touches the switch and without alerting passengers both front and back lights flash. A simple connection to a fused source of power under the dash and your passengers and drivers have a new layer of protection. Contact your local police agencies and let them see the system flashing. They want to "Protect and Serve" and will be happy to make the streets safer. They can stop you with guns drawn and backup on the way! Good Plan!

Panic Light Kit - Silent Flashing Trouble Signal Kit

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