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#100113     OBDII Decoder:  or  OBDII Pulse Generating Device FZ059;  Can-Bus Decoder:- Most 2008 or later vehicles. This fairly expensive device is used to generate a distance pulse in vehicles where no pulse is available, or where the existing pulse is too weak or undependable to properly calibrate. This device simply plugs into the On Board Diagnostic (Version II) connector now required beneath the dashboard of most vehicles. Connections within the plug provide access to the computer flow, and full time power. You need only connect a switched power connection ("accessory") so the unit knows the car key is switched on or off, and one wire connected to your meter for the pulses the device creates.The FZ059 reads the computer signals in the car, and creates a usable pulse for the taximeter. Tell us what exact vehicle you are outfitting and we'll make sure the correct version of OBDII Plug In device will be sent. These units normally ship within one business day of your order, usually from an east coast location.These devices are intended for use on vehicles of the 2007 model year and newer. They may not function properly on older vehicles which had different standards than present day systems. [This item will not work on electric-only vehicles such as Tesla and Leaf.]

OBDII Device (2007-on,) Reads Car Computer, Makes Pulses

  • Brand: Centrodyne Corporation
  • Product Code: OBDII Pulse Generating Device FZ059 (for 2007 or newer vehicles)
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  • $199.95

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