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#100142 " Regular Old Taxi Light "  We get several calls every month asking for a "Regular Old Taxi Light", so we have picked our most popular standard shape and size, and designated it "regular old" (ROTL). This is 21" wide, 5-1/2" tall, and 6" front to back. Its our FTC11 !   It comes in several popular plastic colors, several basic lettering colors. It can be ordered with regular light bulbs, or LED's (they cost more but last longer - the LED manufacturer thinks they last forever... we'll see when "forever" is over!)  and you can even order it with magnets and cigarette plug instead of screw-down type. That makes it removable  when you need to be a civilian or take the cab through a brush-type car-wash. Generically it says "TAXI" on the front and back, but you can have whatever you want there... fill in the two rectangles with the exact "Lettering Text" you need...(e.g.:  Front is 'Tommy's Taxi'  and back is '987-654-3210') or write "NONE".   You can order a relay with this light if you want to control it with your meter. DON'T get a relay if you are ordering a magnetic light - an incompatible type!   Oh, lettering is free. How cool is that?  

Regular Old Taxi Light

  • Brand: FStock
  • Product Code: ROTL toplight
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $69.00

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