#100107  Complete Installation Shop Information Package: Includes all of our exclusive programming packages, iElectron MT-10 taxi meter, Centrodyne 610, 620, S700, S700/160, S700/170 and printer programming  instruction packages for 150,160 and 170  printers,  Pulsar 2010 (obsolete), 2020, 2020R, 2030, and 2030R meters, including our simple guide for making a Pulsar Programming Plug (key) and guide for printer programming, and  Argo 1144 meters (obsolete but still out there). It also includes our custom instructions for programming CGII Taximeter by Record REI Company. This set also includes our exclusive spreadsheet meter programming system which will download directly to your computer with all the instruction information. Additionally, our taxi installation troubleshooting guide with many tips on finding and curing meter installation problems. None of this original material is available anywhere else.

Complete Installation Shop Information Package

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