#100106   Professional Spreadsheet Taxi-Meter-Programming SystemĀ©: CD For Professional Installers, this set of specially written spreadsheet systems allow a meter programmer to type in the exact rates they need. The spreadsheet will then produce a schedule of exact data to be entered into the successive programming windows in the meter memory. No calculator needed, no guessing at entries.  We developed these spreadsheets for our own use, and they saved us so much time we decided to make them available to the installers and programmers in our industry. The set covers the following meters: Centrodyne Silent 610 and 620 printing meter, Centrodyne S700 16-rate meter, Argo 1144 two-rate meter (obsolete),, Pulsar 2010 (obsolete), Pulsar 2020 and 2020R printing meter, Pulsar 2030  and Pulsar 2030R Printing Meter, Centrodyne 150 (16-character program) and Centrodyne 160 and 170  Printers (24-Character lines). There is also a spreadsheet that will tell you what specific rate schedules will operate properly for your customers meters. This entire collection on a single CD  which uses standard Spreadsheet system files. Complete instructions are also provided on screen.

Professional Installation Shop Spreadsheet Program System

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