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#100158    Photos of some of our clients' vehicles. You can attach a clear photo of your taxi to an e-mail. Send it to Fred@TaxiSource.com to be included in our database. You can see and download the entire collection here free by "purchasing" the collection for NO dollars, then pressing the download buttons. The checkout procedure turns on the download button! Thanks!!

We like to tell the story of a client of our who sent us a picture of his one cab when he started his new company. We added it to this collection. A few months later our telephone rang. A lady told us "I rode home from the airport in his cab, and I used a debit card to pay for the trip. I only had enough money in the account for the fare, so he didn't get a tip, and he was very courteous and helpful. I went looking for his company on the Internet when I couldn't find him in the local telephone book. The only place he appeared on the internet was on your website. Can you give me his number or address so I can send him a check?" I checked with the client, he OK'd the information, and I called her back.  He was excited when he called me telling me he had receive his tip. Found out later he also went on a date with the lady... don't know what happened after that, but a picture on our website started it all!

Client Photographs

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