#100019  JOB NOTES STANDARD FORM FOR INSTALLATION TECHNICIANS Taxi Installation work can be identical from job to job if you only work in one make and model of car... such as ALL Crown Vics etc. However, if your business is installing meters and signs for many companies, each job can be a new experience. In this case, you can use this free form to record job particulars, and save the information in printed form in a 3-ring notebook under the vehicle, not the company as you might with your copies of the invoices. This way, when a similar vehicle shows up for installation, you can review your experiences and wiring information on THAT vehicle, perhaps before the client arrives. It is also an invaluable tool for trouble-shooting the original job if any special wiring  color codes were used such as for complex top signs, connections were placed in un-usual locations, etc. Include all such anomilies when you write up the original job, and save a copy with the invoices, as well as with your vehicle indexed list. The use of this free form will cause you to collect bits of info you might otherwise forget to scribble, and it puts it in a standard order and location for future reference.Click on the little image of the form to enlarge it for review. Add any info you may need such as Meter Brand and Model, Toplight Text, Checkers used to decorate the vehicle, etc.  Then after you "order it" (free!!) you activate the "download" button to get the full size variety. This item is a free service of Fred Stock Electronics, and our websites www.TaxiSource.com and www.TaxiCabElectronics.com., doing all we can to help you succeed. Thank you!

Free Job Notes Form for Installation Technicians

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