#100103   Licenses, Paperwork, Regulations. This is an general discussion of rules and regs, red tape and restrictions for cab operators. Every area has its own set of restrictions, or the absence of them. Be sure to check with city hall, departments of transportation services, weights and measures, transit authorities and local police and sheriff's departments in order to be in line with their directions. Keeping on the right side of laws and law enforcement, as well as regulatory agencies is a good plan for new and established operators. Regulators are generally your friend and part of your business's support group, IF you play the game by the rules, and maintain the proper attitude toward them, your clients and bodies such as airport authorities and taxi committees. This lesson is a  free service of Fred Stock Electronics, www.TaxiCabElectronics.com and www.TaxiSource.com.  When you order it, you can download it immediately... FREE!

Lesson: Licenses, Paperwork, Regulations

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