• Lesson: Vehicles For Taxi Cabs

#100102  Vehicles For Taxi Cabs. This lesson is actually a set of likes and prejudices we have formed after decades of wiring, repairing and troubleshooting taxi installations. Some cars you may love seem like junk to me, and vice versa. Take it as a discussion by a person with alot of installation under his belt, but take it with a grain of salt. Any good vehicle properly cared for and operated sensibly, will work as a taxi. Some are more durable and more comfortable, etc. These are our observations and opinions. Can I properly call this a lesson? I don't know, but "This lesson is a free service of Fred Stock Electronics, www.TaxiCabElectronics.com and www.TaxiSource.com."  When you order it, you can download it immediately... FREE!

Lesson: Vehicles For Taxi Cabs

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