#100168   Interior LED dome maplight (for map reading), receiving payments, etc. at night. This ultra bright LED panel contains 36 super-bright elements, producing a durable (100,000 hour plus) low current draw light source. It can be connected to switching circuits like door switches, and/or set up for operation with the built-in switch, or even remotely powered by a toggle switch or some other switched power source. It produces 19 lumens of bright white light. it measures 8-1/4" (210mm) x 3-3/4" (96mm) x 1-1/8" (28mm). The device is rated for operation from -22-degrees Fahrenheit (-30-degrees Celsius) to 158-degrees Fahrenheit (70-drgrees Celcius) [It will stand up to 80C in storage] Easily mounts to overhead with included bracket kit. Simple wiring instructions included. Red wire to 2-Amp protected A+ circuit, such as the Pin #16 on the OBDII connector. Black wire to ground (bettery negative) such as OBDII pin #4. The yellow wire can be connected to a dome supervision circuit if you desire. LED elements are mechanically sturdy (shock and vibration will not generally harm them), waterproof, much lower current required than comparable light bulbs, very long life and exceptionally bright for a tiny size. 

Interior LED dome light for map reading

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