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#100177    Centrodyne S700 Taximeter with Attached #170 Printer: This is a new addition to the Centrodyne line of Taximeters. The reliable S700 taximeter now has a printer which attaches just behind the meter, and appears to be built-in. It operates similar to the remote 160 printer, but goes on the dashboard with the meter all at one location. The model 170 is set up for 24 characters of type in each line - older printers had 16 character limitation. This printer can handle English, French or Spanish languages and their special characters without problems.

You can have your company logo printed on the receipts - e-mail us your requirements and a good clear crisp copy of the logo (one color only - black) for evaluation and pricing. Logo data must be installed at factory level before shipping - it cannot be added later in the field. We pre-program your information for the meter rates and the company info etc. on your printer free before shipment, but you can change it later in the field with the proper programming information, available on this website.; The printer takes standard large 2-1/4" Thermal paper, which is available through this website.  Be sure to specify the #170 printer when ordering in order to get the proper size.. 

The receipt you print in the cab will have your company name and phone number at the top. The bottom of the receipt (after the trip and payment information is printed) can have slogans, "Smoke Free Cab!", Thank You's etc. or "Your  Designated Driver!" is good too.

The #170 Printer CAN have a card swipe attached. This will read the magnetic strip on credit cards (etc.) but will NOT verify they are good cards. If your company uses a voucher card or pre-paid company card for accounts you hold, then this swipe can read those cards and add that information to the receipt.  If you are setting up the meter for use with a mobile data terminal which has communications with your base office, then the swipe can be connected through that system for verification. Call if you have questions. Normally, we DO NOT recommend the card swipe.

Centrodyne S700 Taximeter with Attached #170 Printer

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