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#100155   The Record Electronics Model CGIII is one of the exciting new generation of electronic taximeters coming on the market today. The CGIII is an evolution of the well-known CGII model (no longer available) commonly found in western Canada. The new meter, made in Calgary Alberta, brags a self contained package of features which make it an economical purchase compared to other meters requiring add-ons and options to achieve specific ends. For instance, you need not add an external relay to control your toplight, since the relay is included inside the meter itself. So is a software-programmable built-in Pulse Divider. So is the Bluetooth system, and a built-in USB data connector, so no options are required for these! SIX rates will fit into the new CGIII meter - normally plenty for most cab operators; you can have for instance, one normal rate, a discounted rate for seniors or veterans or students, maybe a third rate for long distance runs or disabled clients, etc. Now the CGIII is approved for sale in the USA. (CoC Number 03-106A1). Canadians and folks with foreign addresses have already approved of this advanced meter.  CGIII has miniaturized many components, and requires NO external Module (as DID the older CGII meter.). 

Some of the Record Electronics CGIII Features you get without specifying or buying extra add-on equipment:

Toplight control relay included!
Programming through USB port included!
Bluetooth Communications included!
Pulse Divider with software programming feature included!
Six Rate capability included!
Ambient Light sensor for readability included!
32-Bit Processing (Not 8 or 16) for advanced computer technology included!
Statistical Information on Trips and Bookkeeping downloadable through USB port included!
Simple interface with Microsoft Excel® and similar spreadsheets included!
All the reliability and long life of the CGII meter built-in, improved and evolved!
No extermal connection block required - all circuitry is inside the meter case itself!

You will not require a pulse divider or a toplight control relay; both are built-in with the CG3 Taximeter.

Dimensions: 6" Wide, 3.5" High, 1" Deep

Record Electronics CGIII TaxiMeter

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