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#105261 Uber02WL Uber Wireless Remote Control Toplight: This light was designed especially for UBER/LYFT operators. Your window device may not be visible at night, but this sign will be. It has NO WIRES! Battery powered, magnet mounted, Controlled by a pocket clicker, this light can be set in place, switched on or off from inside the vehicle, and removed when you need to remove it. No holes in your car, no wires draped across your dashboard or roof. All of our wireless toplights are magnetic based, no screw-downs, and all are lighted with LED's, no light bulbs. 

 10" x 4" x 4"  Wireless means NO wires: This magnetic mounted toplight uses LED's and is completely stand-alone.

Kit includes 117V plug-in charger.  You can order an optional solar charger kit and/or a cigarette lighter charge cable for the car. 

What  You Get:
1) New toplight, your choice of color, custom lettered in your color.

2) Wall-Plug power pack for recharging your toplight battery

3) Wireless remote control "clicker" similar to car lock or alarm control.

4) All required built-ins: battery, clicker-receiver, high-bright  LED lighting,

5) Magnetic base for easy mounting and removal when not in use.

Uber02WL Wireless Remote Control Toplight

  • Brand: FStock
  • Product Code: Uber02WL
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $248.00

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