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#100105   Super-Sign FIMT01 Lexan Toplight: This 24" wide Injection Moulded  Lexan toplight is made of a patented (SABIC Co.) polycabrbonate similar in composition to the plastics used to make football helmets, bullet resistant glass and space walking helmets used in the project Apollo moon exploration. It was designed to be driven-over with a full-sized vehicle without damage. The FIMT01 is 24" wide, 6-1/2" front to back, and 3-1/2" tall. It is available with light bulbs or LED lighting. Light Emitting Diodes encapsulated in clear plastic, are water proof and shock proof.  Super-Signs are made both screwdown magnetic magnetic base. Three inch round magnets are supplied either centered or on the corners of the magnetic toplight as needed. A cigarette lighter cable can be provided for slight extra cost and comes pre-installed. Screwbase models (recommended) are of course also available, and use standard wiring. The floor of the toplight is in-set into the shell, making the Super-Signs water resistant. These Canadian Made toplights are injection moulded which gives them a continuous solid structure with superior strength. The Lexan is combined with UV additives to prevent yellowing with exposure to sunlight. These lights are available in yellow or white shells. They are furnished BLANK. You can easily letter them with adhesive vinyl lettering materials from business or art shops, or your local Vinyl Sign Shop can do it to your specifications..  ALL toplights are manufactured when your order is received so your choices can be included. You must allow production time of up to two weeks plus shipping time to your location. If we can produce them faster, we always do. Thank you for your patronage.

Super-Sign FIMT01 Lexan Toplight

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