Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: Fred Stock Electronics, including,, all out websites, will not share your private information with any other party except as required to ship or warranty your products, or as properly required by law such as court orders. We do not circulate, sell, or otherwise provide client lists or data to any other organization, company or group. Our wireless credit card machine supplier gets referrals from  our office, only when you request this product. The name and phone of the  contact is clearly listed on our websites. Information supplied to our manufacturers' shipping departments is considered private and is not shared with other entities. Further, we DO NOT handle your credit/debit card numbers, except when you specifically request a telephoned-in order. We save NO telephone numbers, credit card information or other sensitive data   except as required for normal business transactions. ALL of our business is conducted through the PayPal Payment System or Authorize.Net System, which are secure in our opinion. We maintain NO lists or data bases of any kind containing your banking or credit information. We try very diligently to NOT be part of the problem.