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Welcome to Taxi Source , a service of Fred Stock Electronics, your one stop for nearly all things Taxi. We are a U.S. Veteran Owned and Operated company. We are a "Mom and Pop" family operation dedicated to the Taxi and Livery Industry. We are located in Palm Desert California but have contacts, connections, suppliers and clients all over the world. We are proud to have served every American state, every Canadian province, over 27 other countries around the globe. We offer a wide variety of taxicab equipment including taxi meters, top lights, wireless battery operated toplights, taxi accessories, parts and supplies as well as detailed  custom installation instructions and something unique: a Learning Center! Lessons mostly free! (See Below)


REGARDING ORDERING:  You may use your PayPal account or buy with a Credit or Debit card.   As you check out with an order, you will reach a page asking for your choice of payment methods. SORRY, WE DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS. We do not ever keep, file or store your credit card information.

WHEN ORDERING, DO NOT PRESS "CONFIRM ORDER" BUTTON MORE THAN ONCE.  Doing so may produce duplicate orders. If a box pops up at the top of your screen indicating "A DUPLICATE ORDER HAS BEEN SUBMITTED", simply "X" it out. When  you successfully place an order, you should see a massage which Lets you know everything went through properly. E-Mail or call us if the machines fight back!

   PayPal payment system.


Our Learning Center includes free lessons on taxi cab related topics including basic installation procedures for equipment, a brief history of taxi cabs, many technical items explained, how taxi meter statistics work, licenses, paperwork, regulations, marketing strategies, employee-company relationships and so much more. All Free! There are free forms for your use in operating and maintaining your cab. We also provide a number of useful tools for professional shops and installers, at reasonable cost. Put our extensive experience to work for you. These are available immediately by downloading to your "download" file, so you won't have to wait for the mails to get your information. Just trying' to help!